Social FoxWe're Small, Social and Hyper Local...

Social Fox Brewing is a brewery in planning located in beautiful, historic downtown Norcross.

Our mission at Social Fox Brewing is to perfect the art and science of brewing by producing innovative, fresh, high quality beers that pair well with food. We will strive to be a destination for the community and craft beer lover while also providing a hub for the foodies in the area.  Our goal is to create a landmark regional brewery by being a sustainable, low-impact, and environmentally friendly company. In order to minimize our carbon footprint and strengthen the local economy, we will strive to use locally sourced goods whenever possible. 

The brewery became a vision in 2015 when Mike and Kevin began home brewing. They have brewed numerous styles of beers and have won medals at local home brew competitions. With the changing of Georgia brew laws, Mike and Kevin had determined it was time to take their brewing to the next level and become full time brewery owners. They teamed up with long time home brewer, Scott Norwood, who also resides in the Suwanee area. Scott had been working on his own brewery project and met Mike and Kevin at a beer tasting. The three shared plans and goals and decided a partnership would allow us to move forward with plans to open a microbrewery. They purchased a 1 barrel pilot brewery and started producing large quantities of home brew for competitions and test batches.

The city of Norcross reached out to the team and asked them to consider Norcross as the location for the brewery. The team then started working with the city of Norcross Economic Development Division to locate a building and start the process of reviewing ordinances. A name change for the new brewery and partnership was now in order. Social Fox Brewing was then formed.

Social Fox

It is noteworthy to observe the fox while it is on the hunt. We see it's entire body is pointed like an arrow straight and tightly aimed. This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined and powerfully focused mindset in order to hit the target of our desires."