Something is Brewing in Norcross

A new venture is brewing in Skin Alley. If all goes as planned, Norcross will have its first craft brewery in the downtown area. Social Fox Brewing, slated to open January 2020, is the creation of a group of three entrepreneurs with a passion for craft beer. Scott Norwood is a medical device engineer and has been brewing for over twenty years. He works with co-creators Kevin Keyes and Mike Green. The team formed a few years ago when they realized that they all shared a very similar vision of the business they wanted to create. They compared plans, united the best of their ideas, and put it into motion.

Social Fox Brewing will have an on-site taproom where customers can purchase pints, flights, to-go beer in the form of Crowlers and plastic pints as well as various retail items. Social Fox Brewing will initially produce five core beers. These beers will be the initial year-round offerings available in the taproom along with seasonal and small-batch releases. Within the second year, Social Fox Brewing will look to distribute to the local area market signing on with Modern Hops as their distributor. This agreement will allow them to supply their beer to local bars and restaurants. Within five years, Social Fox Brewing will expand the breadth of the product line. These products will be distributed in kegs to licensed retail outlets and large chain stores.

Norwood is quick to point out that picking the right location was one of their most important decisions. Before deciding on historic downtown Norcross, they considered many different cities. One of the key features of this location is its accessibility. The brewery is directly adjacent to and within walking distance to a collection of complimentary dining options. Social Fox Brewery doesn’t serve meals, so they will work in harmony with other Norcross restaurants by allowing patrons to order in food. In this way, the creation of Social Fox Brewing is mutually beneficial to craft beer enthusiasts and local business alike.

“Our mission at Social Fox Brewing is to perfect the art and science of brewing by producing innovative, fresh, high-quality beers that pair well with food. We will strive to be a destination for the community and craft beer lover while also providing a hub for the foodies in the area. Our goal is to create a landmark regional brewery by being a sustainable, low-impact, and environmentally friendly company. We will strive to use locally sourced goods whenever possible in order to minimize our carbon footprint and strengthen the local economy. The vision for Social Fox Brewing is to become a premium craft beer brand in the Southeast. We wish to grow the company organically and steadily while keeping our core values intact.”

The team also found collaboration with Norcross’ economic development department to be a success. Norcross is enthusiastically pro-business and pro-actively aids in the site selection process from market research to obtaining permits and broker facilitation. Social Fox Brewery markets itself as a small local business, but is open to expansion in the future. The company plans on staffing the location with one brewer, one full-time manager, and a team of part-time bar staff.

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Tara Salgado

Tara Salgado is a freelance writer with an emphasis in economics, business, and statistical analysis.She has worked as an International Public Relations Specialist and interned for non – profit organizations at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Tara has a Master’s of Science in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University, specializing in researching the public policy – commerce connection.