Stake your claim on our Golden Ale as the Georgia Gold Belt has hit Downtown Norcross!

The largest quantities of gold found in the eastern United States were found in the Georgia Gold Belt, extending from eastern Alabama to Rabun County, Georgia. The gold in the Georgia Gold Belt was close to 24 karat (100%) purity. The discovery of gold in the Georgia Gold Belt in 1828 led to the Georgia Gold Rush. The historic cities of Auraria and Dahlonega were the primary beneficiaries of the gold discovery, and a branch mint of the United States Mint was operated in Dahlonega until 1861. The Georgia Gold Belt is part of a zone of gold deposits in the southeast United States that runs from Alabama to Virginia. Smaller gold deposits can be found farther north.

Our Gold Belt Golden Ale is a highly approachable and very drinkable golden ale with a nice malt finish. Just like the Georgia Gold Belt our Golden Ale is 100% Pure. Pure gold color, pure malt finish. Beer Flavored Beer!
Ingredients= Water, Malt, Hops and yeast.

Malt=Finest Pale Ale Maris Otter
Maris Otter’s superior Brewhouse Performance is fantastic. The ‘Rolls Royce’ of malts for the traditional brewer, this legendary heritage barley variety is the base malt for traditional English Bitter beers. Maris Otter has a low nitrogen content and high extract, producing a rich malty flavour with exceptional Brewhouse Performance and beer clarity.

Willamette is the king of aroma in the world of hops providing a spicy, floral, and fruity fragrance.

Yeast=California Ale Yeast
Famous for its clean flavors and hardy fermentations.