Social Fox started off as a home brew club in 2015. Mike Greene and Kevin Keyes brewed numerous styles of beers and won medals at local home brew competitions. Scott Norwood has been an award-winning home brewer since the early 90s. With the changing of Georgia beer laws, Mike and Kevin decided that it was time to take their brewing to the next level. They teamed up with Scott, who also decided that it was time to go pro. The three shared plans and goals and decided a partnership would be beneficial. They formed an LLC, 400 North Brewing, in order to move forward with their plans to open a microbrewery. The team purchased a 1-barrel pilot brew house in order to start producing large quantities of home brew for competitions and sampling events. They used these events to spread the word about 400 North Brewing and our plan to open a craft brewery in Gwinnett county. We were introduced to the Director of Economic Development for the City of Norcross. Representatives from the city asked us to consider Norcross as a location for the brewery. They helped us locate a building and offered guidance to navigate the ordinances and permitting process. We selected the warehouse located at 20 Skin Alley. Not only was the building located in the heart of downtown Norcross, it had an amazing mural painted on two sides. The mural entitled, “Tumblefield” features several frolicking foxes and bold, bright colors.  Residents love the mural and the city asked us to preserve it. Since we would not be changing the mural and we believed that “400 North Brewing” did not apply to downtown Norcross, we decided to change our name. We considered several options, then decided on Social Fox Brewing.


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