Straight Outta Norcross

You are now about to witness the strength of beer knowledge.

This West Coast IPA we call S.O.N. was brewed in SouthWest Gwinnet just for fun. From the brewery called Social Fox Brewing. You’re about to find out  what we are doing. Malt, Yeast, Water and Hops are the tools. Don’t drink too much you’ll be acting like a fool. We’re pumping out beers, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  Without a filter these beers are pouring clearly. Like a boss, we’re commin at you Straight Outta Norcross!

Appearance=Orange to copper with off-white beer foam.

Aroma=Sweet tropical passion-fruit, pungent grapefruit citrus and pine.

Flavor=Hop forward, high bitterness with notes of melon, stone fruit and over ripe peaches

Base Malt: