Happy New Year to all! We are excited to ring in 2024 with a 94 rating on our B&W Amber Lager rated by the The Beer Connoisseur the full review can be read here https://beerconnoisseur.com/beer/social-fox-brewing/bw-brew
We brew this beer specifically for B&W Burgers, Buns & Brews in downtown Norcross. They have this beer on draft as well as cans in their taproom. We also serve this beer when available in the Social Fox taproom.
Judges Rating:
23 / 24
5 / 6
38 / 40
9 / 10
Overall Impression:
19 / 20
B&W Brew by Social Fox Brewing is a great example of what this style should be. Being evaluated as a BJCP Category 2B International Amber Lager as per the 2021 BJCP guidelines, it is an easy-drinking yet intriguingly flavorful example of an amber lager that keeps the palate satisfied and asking for another sip.
The aroma is mild, with light caramel notes and a touch of noble hops. The ferment is quite clean with just a touch of sulfur noted but no fruity esters present. The brew is amber with fantastic clarity and has a moderate, white, small-bubble head with fair retention.
The flavor is also clean and mild, but with a surprising level of complexity if you look for it. The light caramel/caravienne malt background is evident and appreciated for the style, and a light to moderate clean noble hop bitterness cleans the palate very well in the middle and finish – never overwhelming the malt but rather complementing it quite well, enough to balance out the finish. The body is light to medium, and the carbonation is moderate.
B&W Brew Amber Lager is an eminently quaffable brew due to the overall balance that it exhibits from start to finish. It is one of those brews that may be enjoyably slammed for refreshment or savored for flavor enjoyment. Very impressive, and definitely one of the better examples of this style that I have experienced. Definitely search it out if in the Norcross, GA area.