Each year, The Beer Connoisseur collects the highest-scoring beers evaluated in the Official Review and compile them in a list of the finest examples. 2023 was a spectacular year for brewing, and they’ve collected the best of the best in the world of beer for you to delve into.

We are excited to announce that we have 5 beers that have made it into the top 100, 2 of which were within the top 50 and our In Between Times – Raspberry Berliner listed in the top 4 Fruit Beers! Come try In Between Times – Raspberry and our B&W Amber Lager in the taproom today!


The Official Review is conducted in a single-blind tasting format that adheres to the Beer Judge Certification Program 2021 Style Guidelines. This method provides the best opportunity to rely on facts and to avoid favoritism, ensuring a level playing field for all brewers. It serves both the industry and the consumer to have unbiased and objective scores from qualified experts.

In an effort to provide the most credible evaluations, The Beer Connoisseur hand-selects judges with a minimum BJCP ranking of “National” or Master Cicerone®. Judges are required to work with an assistant that handles beer prior to evaluation, and breweries are not allowed to solicit judges directly.