Beer and Coffee with a cause

Beer and Coffee with a Cause

Our coffee, vanilla cask ale at Social Fox Brewing was such a hit we have decided to brew a full batch and put it on the tap wall! As a part of our hyperlocal initiative we have teamed up with Forgotten Coast Coffee in Duluth, GA to bring you a blonde ale that tastes like a white stout. We have added coffee beans from the Kayon Mountain Farm in Shakiso, Ethiopia. The farm is owned by Ismael Hassen Aredo and his family. They are known for offering financial support to the community to build schools and administrative buildings in the area.

Kayon Mountain Farm is in the Guji Zone of the Shakiso District which rises from 1,900 to 2,200 meters. The farm grows heirloom Typica trees under organic, EU NOP & JAS, and Café Practice certifications. They are also working toward certification in Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance.

After harvest, cherries are machine pulped and fermented for 24 to 36 hours. The beans are then dried on African beds for 12 to 20 days. This coffee itself is a natural process which means the coffee cherry is left in the sun to strip away the outside and reveal the coffee bean.

Kayon Mountain Farm keeps one washing station and one dry huller in the Shakiso District and has a sister company in the Guji/Kercha District, with two washing stations and a dry huller. All stations and hullers are committed to exporting traceable coffee.

“Our objective is to deliver … traceable, quality and certified coffee to the international market,” said a Kayon Mountain spokesperson.

This bean gives off notes of blueberry, hibiscus and cocoa. We have also added Madagascar Vanilla Bean into the mix! This brew will hit the tap wall shortly after the holidays!
Forgotten Coast Coffee gives back 10% of their coffee bean sales to the communities in the continent the beans are grown. They are currently partnering with Never Thirst to provide clean water in Ethiopia by installing wells. Find out more at We are looking forward to this partnership of bringing additional Beer and Coffe with a cause styles to our taproom!


Coffee Grown Region
Guji, Oromia
Growing Altitude
Arabica Variety
Harvest Period
Milling Process
Natural, dried on raised beds
Tropical, berry, cherry, black tea