Jamie comes to us by way of Best End Brewing, with previous stints at Wild Heaven Beer and 5 Seasons West Midtown. He discovered his love of craft beer while he was a bar manager at The Wing Café and Taphouse. If you asked him what his desert island beer is, he’d try and change the subject. There are just too many good options. If threatened with perpetual deprivation of beer, he’d say Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.  

Outside of craft beer, he’s an avid Star Wars fan, everything from the original trilogy to the current series of films. You must accept the things you love with all their flaws, even if one of those flaws is Jar Jar Binks. He also lost count of how many different bands he’s seen live at around 200. David Byrne at Shaky Knees 2018, best live show I’ve ever. Fight me.

As a teen, Jamie wanted to be a Baptist minister. Isn’t it funny how the twists and turns in life lead us in directions we never thought we’d go?