An Oenobeer, pronounced {N-O-Beer} is a relatively new creation that has finally being noticed, but the definition is a rather narrow view of what is possible. Social Fox Brewing first discovered this beer style at Liberati in Denver, Colorado. The beers brewed at Liberati were all amazing Oenobeers and we new we needed to bring this style to Georgia.

In short an Oenobeer is a beer/wine hybrid. There’s no official definition for what counts as an oenobeer, meaning the increasing number of brewers dabbling in these crossovers is free to experiment and put their own spin on it. Some use actual grapes, some just use juice, others age their brews in wine barrels. Differences in approach make the oenobeer trend an exciting new territory for beer (and wine!) lovers to discover.

We have brewed an Oenobeer called La Fontaine. The base style is a bock beer fermented with pinot noir grapes. The result is an amazing red wine beer hybrid that both wine drinkers and beer drinkers will love and appreciate. We plan to package this beer at the end of August to serve in the taproom.